live multimedia generation
collaborative arts improvisation project
We design and practice friendly music and art cocreation
We believe that everyone is an artist. It means any ideas are worth being expressed. So we search for new ways to bring us together to play, create and experience art.
tsoop is an independent collaborative multimedia project aimed to promote music and multimedia self-expression.
Abbreviation tsoop (рус. цуп) — stands for the space operations control center. Music itself is a range of very special operations with things and devices to make specific air beatings reach people. Some are gifted from birth, many of us have to aquire musical skills with attention and patience later – but mostly people have their own set of ways to participate in music. Stomping, claping, slaping, breathing, plucking, bowing, singing, dancing… name yours! We’re welcoming new approaches to making music more easy and welcoming to learn and practice together.
It’s clear to us that not a huge set of different instruments is needed to cover all the main sound ranges that people can produce. We have small portable acoustic and electronic setups able to engage almost anyone in a nice music jam. And when you add your instruments, it becomes a real jam party! With our attentive guidance and tech support.
Let’s communicate, coordinate and collaborate on joyful music improvisations. From small groups to masses – with some degree of lucidity we can easily produce harmony together!
circle of joy
A song about the structure of any creative process. We’re noting all the steps tou need to go through in order to realise any idea. From just a simple sketch to the final presentation. And having fun with every step made in this beautiful journey.
joy of collaboration
A remix collaboration of 6 producers from Russia. Their takes on the Circle of Joy single - diverse, fun and very intense. Let's dance!
colorful blobs moving freely in the unlimited space
spring steam
shades of blooming flowers, melting ice and sounds of our souls’ inner strings
miracle mechanism live feat. daria dubovik
live performance @ 7th WAFEst festival
We explore music visually with Chromatone – the universal color notation system. It's a simple visual music language, that involves 12 spectral colors met with 12 chromatic notes. Try it today!
cassini dreams
Tribute to the Cassini-Huygnes Saturn exploration space mission
Denis Starov